As our manufacturers prepare equipment to be compliant with DOE and EPA standards, learn what this means for your company and how to stay cool before the ruling's effective dates.
                   June 5, 2017 (DOE)              
       January 01, 2016 (EPA; Retrofit)
 January 01, 2017 (EPA; Supermarket)
 January 01, 2018 (EPA; Remote CDU)
January 01, 2020 (EPA; Stand Alone)
DOE and EPA Q & A's below:
Under this final rule, various HFCs and HFC-containing blends that were previously listed as acceptable alternatives will be listed as unacceptable in various end-uses in the aerosols, foam blowing, and refrigeration and air conditioning sectors where other alternatives are available or potentially available that pose lower overall risk to human health and the environment.
Learn more about certain HFC's impacted and safer alternatives.
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